Career Opportunities at HackerNoon
Career Opportunities at HackerNoon

Career Opportunities at HackerNoon


CURRENTLY HIRING FOR: Product Designer, QA Engineer, Customer Success Rep , Technical Community Manager, Marketing Manager, and Editors (always)

HackerNoon is a place where anyone can read, write, and learn about technology. We publish stories about the internet industry and its culture, programming, startup stories, interviews, coding tutorials, decentralization debates, and life advice β€” submitted by 30,000+ global contributors.

keen to join a dope team?

Hacker Noon's team members are distributed across multiple timezones and represented on (almost) every continent.

We don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love the internet. See no suitable vacancy below? Pitch us your dream role. ✨

You can find our team members on almost every continent in the world!
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our work philosophy


Work on what matters because you're good at it and because it f*cking matters.


Your mindset finger prints every interaction your work will have with the world.


Commit to your words and you'll command respect.

current vacancies at Hacker Noon


ABH (Always Be Hiring): don't be afraid to reach out! The job you want might not be listed below, but that doesn't mean you can't put yourself out there. You never know what might happen... ✨

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Sales + Business Development

Editorial + Growth


things humans say about working with Hacker Noon

Utsav Jaiswal,
Utsav Jaiswal, VP Business Development

The year 2020, began with a dire forecast and business was a bit on the slower side during Q1. However, we tried out new collaterals and mediums (Ad by tags and Learn tab) that also brought us new learnings. All in all, I kinda feel smug saying that 2020 was a good year for us and for me. We nailed resilience, focus, and teamwork.

Natasha Nel,
Natasha Nel, VP Editorial Strategy

Thank you for the regular reminders to take care of ourselves, and normalizing taking a mental health day now and again β€” Hacker Noon was truly an island of happiness and relaxation in 2020's sea of shit and stress. Oh, and THANK YOU for my new Yeti mic, my new AirPods, and for helping me out with my Macbook. (!)


Read more: COO and absolute legend, Linh Dao Smooke, shares her favorite things about us in this Hacker Noon team members appreciation post. 😭


more fun facts about life at HackerNoon

  • Pandemic-Proof: During the year Covid-19 took hold, most of our employees got a generous raise. We also tripled revenue revenue for the fifth year running, and 4x the the size of our Team.
  • Lean: We have never had more than 20 fulltime people and aspire to always remain lean af. Our ideal model is that of Craigslist, a company worth well over $1B+ with just 50 employees πŸ˜‰
  • Challenging (in a positive, non-exhausting way): Since we are such a small team, every single member is an high-level contributor to the business. You'll have all the freedom to create your own initiatives and be your own boss 😎
  • Remote-First: WFH ✌️ Since we've been fully remote from day 1, our culture is geared towards it. Things you won't find here include suspicion, guilt trips, or admin-intensive hourly tracking reports.
  • Fun (no but really.): We strongly value work-life balance, and encourage all employees to take breaks often. We also have an unlimited vacation policy. πŸ–οΈ
  • Creativity and Commitment: We try to our best to live up to two principles. 1: Your mindset fingerprints every interaction your work will have with the world; and 2: When you really commit to your words, you command respect.
  • Diverse: Especially compared to the tech industry standard β€” and by default so β€” Hacker Noon is currently:
  • ♀️ 40% Female

    🌏 30% African; 30% Asian; 5% Indian; 35% N. American

  • Colorado, & the World Wide Web: Our HQ is in rural Colorado. Our people, contributors, readers, and brand partners are worldwide.

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