Slogging Fullstack Engineer

Slogging Fullstack Engineer

Job Posted
Jul 28, 2021 7:40 PM

What we're looking for:

Hacker Noon is looking for a Fullstack engineer to join the team parttime to lead the development of Slogging.

Slogging is Slack Blogging application for communities and tech companies to turn their best Slack discussions into published stories. HackerNoon writers have co-written the first 150 slogging stories, and now we are actively onboarding select customers and communities such as Product School, [ ]

In this role, you’ll work directly with the HackerNoon core software team that founded Slogging, and the HackerNoon editorial and business teams to optimize our Slogging publishing process. You are scrappy, detail-oriented, and empathetic. Maybe you have started your own company. Maybe you worked at a larger corporation and needed more breathing room for creativity and independence. Maybe you dropped out of school (or never went) because you realized you didn't fit the traditional mold. You most likely have read a Hacker Noon story before and liked that it was authored by someone just like you. You're not just willing to go through all the ups and downs of startup life. You are living for it.


  • We want our contributors to be independent thinkers who excel at choosing high impact projects but we also want our contributors to be empathetic to our users and teammates, doing everything they can to level up our community. Here's a bit more about our product making style.
  • Lead our Slack API and Slackbot development strategy and implementation.
  • Be obsessed with UX, onboarding, and how technology impacts content creation process and editorial workflow.
  • Great at controlling text editors, notably ours built with SlateJS and Outline respectively.
  • Collaborate on and contribute to the HackerNoon publishing API.
  • Iterate on how Slogging stories display, CSS/React/NextJS.
  • Familiarity with a sizable portion of our Tech Stack helps, but really it depends on how fast you learn. Notable technologies we like NextJS, Firebase, Vercel, GA, SendGrid, GTp3, Nginx, Algolia, Coil, Vue, ExpressJS, MomentJS, Node, NodeJS. Some important internal tools: Slack, Notion, GitHub, Google Docs, Figma,
  • Collaborate with other engineers, customers and the business team to prioritize projects that drive the quantity and quality of Slogging stories published.
  • Brainstorm (sometimes, even prototype) features with rest of team based on your knowledge of the codebase
  • And of course, there's always bugs to fix, based on your personal experience or feedback from the team and the community.


Every single Hacker Noon team member started out as a part time contractor first, including the CEO. You will be assigned a part time project based on your skill, interest, and commitment level. After a mutually agreed upon trial period and compensation amount, there will be an evaluation between you and Hacker Noon to find the best fit: full time, part-time, or no time. Our monthly budget for this role starts at $1.5k-$2.5k, and if we all slog along at the expected pace, plenty of room to grow.

About Us

Hacker Noon is built for technologists to read, write, and publish. We are an open and international community of 15k+ contributing writers publishing stories and expertise for 3M+ curious and insightful monthly readers. Learn more at

Slogging is an app we built because we realized our tech lead had 28k+ Slack updates but only 12 HackerNoon posts over the last year. Its a experiment to write together, and play with the insider perspective vs. the outsider perspective vs. strong opinions loosely held perspectives.

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