University Ambassador

University Ambassador

Job Posted
Nov 11, 2021 9:05 PM

What we're looking for

Hacker Noon is looking for a University Ambassador to build HackerNoon publishing chapters at the best universities in the world. Too many technological insights are limited to the local classroom, this role is about elevating the voices of the brightest university students in the world.

Your primary objective is to publish the most insightful and cutting edge papers, studies, research and essays already being written at universities around the world as HackerNoon stories. By making it easier for the brightest university students to reach thousands of relevant readers, we believe HackerNoon's University Ambassador can create tons of win / win relationships with the internet's next generation of technology leaders.

Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Performance will ultimately be judged by the quantity and quality of stories published by university students.
  • You will need to self-organize, self-motivate, and be a nice human being to your colleagues.
  • Build the first HackerNoon chapter at your university.
  • Partner with other university groups to publish their best stories
  • Through a process of trial and error, document the playbook on how to set up a HackerNoon publishing chapter at other universities
  • Recruit stories. Ability to be an elite on the ground advocate for why students should publish on HackerNoon.
  • Explaining the publishing process and HackerNoon value prop like the back of your hand.
  • You need to be agile and experienced with Gsuite, Slack, Notion, and other remote-first tools. Though these things change fast around here — don't say you weren't warned.
  • Our team is (and will always be) working remotely. Communication is key everywhere, especially in the remote environment. Everything else you need to know, we'll teach you.


Every single HackerNoon team member started out as a part-time contractor first, including the CEO. This role starts as a part-time role. After a mutually agreed upon trial period and compensation amount, there will be an evaluation between you and HackerNoon to find the best fit: full-time, part-time, or no time.

About Us

HackerNoon is built for technologists to read, write, learn and publish. We are an open and international community of 15k+ contributing writers publishing stories and expertise for 3M+ curious and insightful monthly readers. We also build quality publishing software, like Slogging and the CMS that powers HackerNoon. Learn more at

Fun fact: Our editorial team is at the heart of this business, and everyone here who currently holds a full-time leadership position started out as an editor first.

How to Apply

Please fill out this form, which asks for this information:

  • Your CV
  • URLs of your Linkedin, personal site, or any showcase of your work on the interwebs
  • Why you are a fit for this job
  • How you know about this job

If you don't hear back from us within 4 weeks, please assume your application has been unsuccessful and try again, but better.