Slogging Community Manager
Slogging Community Manager

Slogging Community Manager

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Feb 7, 2021 9:07 PM

What we're looking for

Slogging is the new Slack Blogging App by Hacker Noon. Contributors write in a shared Slack environment and with a few simple clicks, turn insightful Slack threads into Hacker Noon blog post. See the first 40 blog posts here. We are currently experimenting with a public instance with about 300 contributors (all recent Hacker Noon published writers). Our primary objective is to publish as many slogging posts as possible from this environment to learn about the process of slogging so we can make improvements to the app. Ultimately, we would like to list the app on the marketplace to allow anyone with a Slack instance to be able to install it on a channel of their choice, start a Slack discussion, and submit it to Hacker Noon without leaving their workspace.

The perfect candidate is someone with expertise in communication, partnership and a knack for writing. Someone who already digs Slack and Hacker Noon. Someone who threads their comments. You may have majored in writing in college or written regularly about tech for different organizations (or in your own time). You are personable, strategic, detail-oriented and passionate about making the internet a more equitable place.


  • Stimulate discussion in the first Slogging instance with Hacker Noon published authors
  • Derive strategy for growing the program to get to the first 100 published slogging posts ASAP
  • Lead the launch of (competitor to HARO - Help a Reporter Out)
  • Build relationships with writers participating in the programs and be the point person for all questions related to Slogging and Quoticles
  • Collaborate with the rest of Hacker Noon team to drive traffic to the instances


This part-time role pays between $1k-1.5k per month depending on experience and commitment level. Every single Hacker Noon team member started out as a part time contractor first, including the CEO. After a mutually agreed upon trial period and compensation amount, there will be an evaluation between you and Hacker Noon to find the best fit: full time, part-time, or no time.

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