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Feb 17, 2022 8:56 AM

What we're looking for


If you've scoffed at other people's grammar to such an extent that you've lost more than a few friends, come join us. We'll try to play nicer together.

But seriously though,

HackerNoon is looking for an Editor to manage the daily volume submissions. You will be tasked with editing all stories, and we’ll give special consideration to those knowledgeable in these categories Software Development, Programming, Coding, and blockchain. We get submissions from all corners of the internet to our custom CMS.

Fun fact: Our editorial team is at the heart of this business, and everyone here who currently holds a full-time leadership position started out as an editor first.

In this role, your primary objective is to improve articles for publication on hackernoon.com. You will use your extensive knowledge of Software Development to fact check, plagiarism spot, correct bad links/shit grammar/poor formatting, add rad feature images, memes, or videos as well as do anything in your power to make a story better.

Responsibilities and Requirements

  • You will read a lot of tech stories. You need to be interested, able, and willing to read, reject or edit and improve 10-15 story submissions, on a daily basis (70 stories a week).
"Attention to detail is your ability to efficiently allocate your cognitive resources to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing tasks, no matter how small or large. Attention to detail skills allows you to improve your workplace productivity, efficiency and performance."

— stolen from somewhere on the internet

  • You will need to self-organize, self-motivate, and be a nice human being to your colleagues.
  • Our writers want to get published ASAP. Your help will make our writers happy.
  • Tech stories include a lot of code, memes, technical code, lists, difficult terms to digest. Our goal is simple: each story should have a great-looking "layout", that helps you to read the full story. Content + Formatting + Good Layout makes a story that everybody wants to read.
  • You need to be agile and experienced with Google Chrome and Gsuite. Though these things change fast around here — don't say you weren't warned. (Current obsession: Notion 😻)
  • Our team is (and will always be) working remotely. Communication is key everywhere, especially in the remote environment. Everything else you need to know, we'll teach you.


Every single Hacker Noon team member started out as a part-time contractor first, including the CEO. You will be assigned a part-time project based on your skill, interest, and commitment level. After the successful completion of a 3-month trial period, there will be an evaluation between you and Hacker Noon to find the best fit: full-time, part-time, or no time.

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