Community Engagement Intern

Community Engagement Intern

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Sep 27, 2021 6:14 AM

What we're looking for

Slogging is the new Slack Blogging App by Hacker Noon. Contributors write in a shared Slack environment and with a few simple clicks, turn insightful Slack threads into Hacker Noon blog post. See the first 100+ blog posts here.

We are currently experimenting with a public instance with our own contributors (all recent Hacker Noon published writers).

Our primary objective is to publish as many slogging posts as possible from this environment to learn about the process of slogging so we can make improvements to the app. Ultimately, we would like to list the app on the marketplace to allow anyone with a Slack instance to be able to install it on a channel of their choice, start a Slack discussion, and submit it to Hacker Noon without leaving their workspace.

The perfect candidate is someone who loves chatting about technology, games, blockchain, and more. And a knack for fostering conversation, as well as strong writing skills, will help in this role.

You'd be a great match if you're: someone who already digs Slack and Hacker Noon. Someone who threads their comments. You may have majored in writing in college or written regularly about tech for different organizations (or in your own time).

You are personable, strategic, detail-oriented, and passionate about making the internet a more equitable place.


  • Stimulate discussion in the first Slogging instance with Hacker Noon published authors
  • See a Slogging thread through from start to finish
  • Submit and publish Slogging posts on HackerNoon
  • Publish social media posts about the Slogging stories you created
  • Communicate with your manager weekly to stay on track of goals and KPIs

You're basically getting paid to talk to people and share your conversations on the Internet!


Through this internship program, we are happy to offer:

  1. A Digital Certificate upon completion of the program
  2. A credential you can add to your LinkedIn profile and online portfolio/CV
  3. A monthly stipend of $250 USD

About Us

Hacker Noon is built for technologists to read, write, and publish. We are an open and international community of 15k+ contributing writers publishing stories and expertise for 3M+ curious and insightful monthly readers. Learn more at

How to Apply

Please fill out this form, which ask for the following information:

  • Your CV
  • URLs of your Linkedin, personal site, or any showcase of your work on the interwebs
  • Why you are a fit for this job
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